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Ultrasonic Testing
  • Weld inspection has historically been the single most important application for ultrasonic flaw detectors and phased array systems, and procedures are well established. Most types of common pipeline, plate, and structural welds can be inspected, including butt welds, T-joints, lap joints, nozzle welds, and some types of fillet welds.

    Phased array systems provide additional capability for imaging and scanned inspection. In the manufacturing environment, automotive spot welds and similar resistance welds can be tested with the aid of specialized transducers.
Eddy Current Testing
  • Eddy current instruments are being routinely used in conjunction with ultrasound to assess the quality and integrity of welds around the world in several different markets. Specialized probes using a cross-wound coil configuration are employed to make the probes insensitive to lift off (a challenge when inspecting a weld). Eddy current array technologies are being developed to further enhance the inspection capabilities of many of common inspections.
Remote Visual Inspection
  • Welding inspection of pharmaceutical and food plants is important to ensure the purity of the plants before manufacturing products. Quality and color condition weld bead and residual deposit on the welding can be visually inspected with the true color long videoscopes.

    The unique smooth coated videoscopes are designed to prevent electropolished purity pipes from surface scratches. In conjunction with Ultra Violet lighting system, fine cracks on welding can be visually identified.
Trainning & Certifications
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